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About Me

Technical Experience

Expert security engineer with over a decade of experience creating the most secure infrastructures for clients use. By creating in depth accountability and fully documented NIST approved systems, CNG is a premier resource for your cyber solution needs. (cybersecure)

Cyber Security Solutions

CNG derives all its strategies from an initial cyber assessment and requirement gathering. From this investigation, we cultivate a cyber defense that is impactful and meets or exceeds industry standards. Our methodologies and processes are proven from over a decade of IT system security in the intelligence community.  

Accountability Guaranteed

Creating the correct Procedures and Standards which institute a higher level of Accountability are a cornerstone for CNG. Here we drive innovation to maximize positive results for our clients. CNG believes in its staff and empowers them to define accountability of the highest magnitude for every project. 


Company Cyber Score

CNG starts with transparent assessment of your requirements and security needs. CNG then develops a cyber score of that company for publication. Our proprietary system will validate your company or the company your are requesting information about. The evaluation can be used to create a determination of business worthiness and trust for the consumer. Evaluate a company before you do business with them....your personal information is important. Protect it!    

Certification and Accreditation

Following industry standards under NIST 800 - 53 with any methodology (FISMA, ICD 503..) CNG will guide your system to FULL ACCREDITATION from your approving official.


CNG monitoring platform ranges from IDPS to record level protection. Our tools and capabilities will increase your visibility into the system, document your system with reporting, and allow for a more proactive approach to incident response.

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